Thursday, May 26, 2016

The King of Fighter 1997 Full APK Plus DATA OBB File Absolutely Free Download

DownloadAndroid 2.1 and higher.[6.2 MB][apk]
DownloadAndroid 2.1 and higher. Game cache[84.3 MB][zip]Game description:The king of fighters 97The king of fighters 97will remind you old games for sega and dendy.

Retro-graphics2 modes of fight27 fightersBluetooth Multiplayer
Game demands cache downloading.

Way for cache:sdcard/Android/data/

How to install a game with cache?
How to install Android games with cache?
If you want to download the cache to your PC, plse, follow these instructions:1. Download game (".apk" file) and cache (zip file). Let's take, for example, the gameWonder Zoo - Animal rescue!2. Connect the phone to your PC and copy files to any folder on the phone. For example, to a folder "Download".3. Open the "Download" folder on your phone by any file manager. This can be a standard phone file manager or ES File Explorer downloaded on Google Play.4. Install the game (".apk" file)5. Extract the game cache to the folder by your archiver. To do this, click on the cache archive, select the archiver (eg, ES Zip Viewer). Then click "Extract" button and specify the path to the necessary folder. Following the instructions in the game description we need to extract cache tosdcard/Android/obb6. Open the "obb" folder, where you've extracted the cache archive. There would be a folder ( with subfolder ( Move the subfolder ( and its contents to the "obb" folder, and delete the remaining empty folder ( (see the screenshot below).7. Once the cache is installed, you can run the game and play.WARNING! For games relsed in fall 2011 and later - you require Wi-Fi.

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