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InDesign CC 9.2.2 (2014) Free Download Full Version for PC

Free Download InDesign CC 9.2.2 (2014) 32 bit & 64 bit + and InDesign CC 2014 is a desktop publishing tool by which you can crte different posters, magazines, books, newspapers etc. It is a grt software for graphic designers and publishers.

All new InDesign CC 9.2.2 (2014) comes with many facilities which makes designing more interesting and sy. Lot of new ftures has been added to make your work faster. Its user interface has been changed for a more user friendly and faster experience. Powerful 64 bit engine is added for an ultra-fast performance on 64 bit devices.

You can crte many interesting books, magazines, flyers etc. from many predefined layouts and designs for different screen sizes. A new fture, liquid layout support is added by which the layout of your document fits every screen size from desktop to smartphone. It has all new support for HiDPI and Retina Display which makes your working experience more interesting with clrer pictures and text. You can add audio, and s to your documents to make them more attractive. You can add amazing fonts to your documents by choosing from the large collection of Typekit Fonts.

You can publish your documents to different formats such as PDF, JPEG, HTML, SWF etc. InDesign CC 9.2.2 (2014)has addedsupport for exporting your documents in EPUB and SWF for attractive and dynamic designs. You can also export your documents to PDF format for printing. It also supports CSS by which you can make your document more stylish. You can also export your documents in HTML or XML format for web publishing.

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What’s New in InDesign CC 9.2.2 (2014)The all new InDesign CC 9.2.2 comes with the following ftures:

Drag and Drop Tables
Now you can sily move rows and columns just by drag and drop inside the table.

Liquid Layout in EPUB
sily crte interesting epub books with fixed layout in every screen size. The size of the screen doesn’t matter, your layout fits everywhere.

sy Updates
Your settings, preferences and shortcuts remain the same even if you update to a new version.

Enhanced Footnotes
New text wrap support for your footnotes makes the layout suitable.

Extended QR Crtor
InDesign CC added a new fture, i.e. QR Crtor for your documents. But now with this update your QR will be automatically crted.

DetailsRelse Date:18 June 2014Version:CC 9.2.2 (2014) Stable RelseDeveloper: SystemsSoftware type:Photo managing and editing
Minimum System RequirementsOperating System: 7 Service Pack 1/ 8/8.1 32 bit and 64 bitProcessor: Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 ProcessorRAM:2 GB (8 GB Recommended)Screen Resolution:1024x768
HDD Space:2.6 GB
Download InDesign CC 9.2.2 (2014)Stable RelseFree DownloadFull32 bitand64 bit.

Free Download InDesign CC 9.2.2 (2014)Latest Versionwithandfrom theDownload Link Below: InDesign CC 9.2.2 (2014)then use the givento apply to activate. You can also use the to erateto activate it.

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