Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sonic Dash Apk 1.12.0 MOD Files (Unlimited Rings/Stars)

Amazing capabilitiesUtilise powers Sonic 's risk of Dodge , jump over barriers and speed around the loop de loops . In addition to deft enemies using homing devastating attack Sonic !
Stunning graphicsWorld Sonic butifully detailed come to life on the mobile phone and tablet computer - never seemed endless runner is fine !
Multiple personalitiesChoose to play one of Sonic 's friends , including Tails , Shadow and joints.
Epic boss battlesFor a limited time only face off against one of the more evil and more evil than ever enemies - Zazz of Sonic Lost World . As one of the most dangerous members of a devastating killer of six , you must use all of the vocal agility and ability to rise against the Zazz and take on his hands and feet before it's too late !
PowerupsOpen , and win or buy inious power-ups to help you run again . Including hd start , and armor , and the degree of reinforcement ring magnet unique!
Keep on RunningGet more rewards the more you play ! At the top level of your score multiplier by completing missions, unique , or to win fabulous prizes including Red Star Rings and additional characters by completing daily challenges and play Spin daily .
Socially connectedChallenge your friends in the lder boards , or invite your friends through Facebook to prove who is the best sprinter speed is ...
Sonic Dash 1.12.0 MOD Download BelowDownload Links
Link 1I Link 2I Link 3

Requirements: Android 2.3.3 Or Higher
Just Install Apk and Play Game!

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