Thursday, May 26, 2016

Smart Booster Pro v3.31.140516p Paid Apk

How RAM memory booster
RAM Booster designed to overcome these problems by selectively kill less important appliions running in the background, but consumes a large memory device.
RAM Booster comes with auto-batch at 4 levels: aggressive, strong, average, nice.
☆ Aggressive: the dth of most of the low-priority appliions☆ Deposit: Kill appliions that are low priority and consume a little less "average"☆ Average: kill appliions that consume memory above the "average"☆ nice: kill appliions that use large amounts of memory
"Average" is assessed on the basis of rl-time appliions to run and change over time.
Work RAM Booster
There are 5 ways to strengthen☆ batch of cars: installment payment automatically available RAM and time☆ overlay widget - enable widget overlapping RAM Booster (the default), and adjust the position of a piece, and the piece and take all the time you want to promote☆ home screen widget - Click here to promote (the home screen long> widget to add widget press RAM Booster)☆ notifiion bar - with one click to strengthen (see notifiion bar switch in the development of the appliion)☆ promotion now - take advantage of this button on the main screen of the appliion
Tools:☆ 1-click cache clner
There are many configuration options to enhance the development of the appliion process:☆ Batch level: Select the level of motivation☆ Nice choice issuesWhite ☆ appliions: appliions do not kill when incrsing☆ automatically promote: self-reinforcing and comes with a minimum amount of RAM memory and incrse the range of the threshold☆ report modeling to determine how to display reports☆ FeedbackFeedback tactile to touch the momentum of the piece☆ overlay workpiece position / size - change the overlay widget position / size☆ piece transparent overlay to change the transparency / opaque level☆ onclick / Options OnLongClick overlay widget
[Solved] Lauder cache size fixedClose [fixed] on the strength of 2.3[Update] The new user interface without animation intensive[Update] Updated language packs[Fixed] minor bugs require close[New] Add product toursSmart Booster Pro v3.31.140516p Download BelowDownload Links
Link 1I Link 2I Link 3I Link 4

Requirements: Android 2.1 Or Higher

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