Thursday, May 26, 2016

Rl Drift Car Racing Apk v2.3 Android Files

Ftures:On mobile devices most rlistic 3D Drift Racing SimulationCustom drift helpful: full support of your controlCustomizable gameplayCustom Cars: You can change the color of the car body, rims and paint the rims of the modelAll aspects of the car (engine, drivetrain, the tires, etc.) rlistic simulationSpecific to ch vehicle engines with turbo whistle sound off valveOpposite effect with sound effectsCalculate the points a drift of light by touching the walls, for the first time, high drift angle, high speed drifting and rn points.Online and local lders, friends and people around the world to challengeFlows and improve your racing skills include Big Train TrackHigh quality 3D graphicsLiquid Stranger and sier by recording download Christmas Sounds
Only in the full versionNo advertising7 new drift racing tracksSpecific and rlistic set-up with 5 new powerful carsIncrsing difficulty championship 12 new challenging career mode
GameplayThe accelerometer (Gyroscope) or touch the steering modeSlider or touch the throttleAutomatic or manual transmissionMetric or Imperial units of msurement
Advanced Points SystemPoints, drift angle drift time and speed proportion."Drift combo" factor and the "proximity" factor: There are 2 different points multiplier.Points 2000 (1000, 2000.4000, etc.) to rch a maximum when the drift combo multiplier is incrsed by 1. If you change the direction of drift points, total points (loed at the top left of the screen) and reset signals are added to. Points more than once ch rch 2000, Drift combo then incrsed by 1. This, and a drift (less than 1 second) to flow without interruption between long-only functions, otherwise drift combo multiplier will be reset to 1.Your proximity to the ratio of the wall at the back of the vehicle (1.5 m) incrsed with incrsing the proximity factor. Showing a slow motion effect and a text element with multiplier bonuses will notice.If you hit something, and your multiplier will lose partial points.The "flow" mns?Flows from the entry to the exit of a corner, while maintaining control of the driver, the rr wheels or the loss of traction in the tires, the car oversteer a racing technique. A vehicle rr wheels (wheels are pointed right or vice versa, for example, is to lve the car), turn the front wheels are pointing in the opposite direction to the extent that, over the front wheels when the flows are slipping. Hi-speed drifting cars, including skilled drivers and hardcore fans.
What's in this version:- Added a new car: the Nissan Silvia S15-Gymkhana track is now closed-New Social Sharing Fture: Now with your friends you can share the results of your race-During the long curves fixed "wheel shaking" problem-Improved automatic grs: the gr changing is more rctive-Some small bug fixing

Requirements: Android 2.3 Or HigherRl Drift Car Racing v2.3 Download BelowDownload Links

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