Thursday, May 26, 2016

PRO PDF Rder v3.13.1 Working Apk

If you're looking for a good PDF rder , stop here , you've found it.Do what you expect it to do. You can sily put down and rd books and PDF documents with this appliion.Promote the amazing dims the screen in some way that does not hurt your eyes .sy to adjust and keep scrolling. Functional best of all rders .
Ftures:1) rding mode and monitor the situation ( one tap to toggle )2) glanced pages before the show , saved on the scroll3) Look at books4 ) Table of Contents5 ) Night Mode6) Find all the books (PDF, DjVu ) on the device7) the next page or pages to scroll through screen tap8) full screen mode9) Support e-rder such as the Nook , Kindle , 10 ) Navigation Profile11) wrote Visitors12) Light and Black Multi13) Screen orientation : vertical , horizontal , automatic14) 's favorite text page15 ) Also date, and return to the page16) border crops17) automatic scrolling18) pages of criticism in lock mode19 ) Support CPU Atom x86-20) the book and page thumbnails21) wrote Visitors widget22) Send , share documents and references23) Import and Export Settings24) Configurable srch directories25) multi-window mode support26) setting for musicians ( music notation Autoscrolling, scores, and change the speed , stop, start)
Pro Frtures:
1) No ads , no validity Internet2 ) Support for -protected PDF files3) as a result of the srch filter4) sort the srch result by name , path , size (ascending , descending)
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