Thursday, May 26, 2016

Norton Mobile Security Lite Apk Paid Download

Important things on your phone and protects your privacy.
• It is lost or stolen, your sensitive information off your phone and allows you to erase other equipment.
• Stl your identity and money that can be used to trick you into revling personal information designed to block fraudulent (phishing) websites.
• Blocks annoying and unwanted calls and text messages.
•If it is lost or stolen phone by using the alien stops and even helps you find it
•You can quickly find, where is your phone
• If you remotely lock, loe and even SMS (text message) that allows you to wipe the phone.
• If you have any lock your phone via web browser and gives you the ability to srch.
• If the SIM card is removed immediately lock your phone, so it can not be used with the SIM card.
Detects and they can infect your phone before end mobile thrts
• Detects and cybercriminals, you vesdrop on stling your stuff, send spam texts, and take control of your mobile device may use removes mobile thrts.
• Automatically download apps for thrts and scans app updates.
• If you automatically when you plug in your mobile device for thrts Memory Card (Secure Digital) SD is scanning option.
Fast, sy to use and will not slow you down
• Download the most up-to-date protection for every week to check for updates and install with just a few clicks.
• Swallow your mobile device resources or slow down your web browsing not
Norton Mobile Security Lite ftures:
• Remote Srch - Your web or via SMS to your phone shows the loion, so it is lost or stolen, you can find it.
• Remote lock - you see things from your personal or your mobile bill to prevent strangers from running web or via SMS, lock your lost or stolen phone allows.
• Remote Wipe - to your phone's memory card, including any data, if lost or stolen, remotely via SMS to your phone allowing things off.
• Web-based Lost Notice - anyone who finds your missing device a custom message displays, so you can make arrangements to get it back.
• Web-based snk peek - photos of someone in front of your device then saves the s. (Webcam devices only.)
• Call and text blocker - you call and text messages from specific people or phone allows block.
• List of friends - you can send your phone an unlock which some trusted contacts (friends or family) that allows identifiion.
• Antiphishing Web Protection - Blocks fraudulent (phishing) websites. Jam or without interruption, your device and the mobile network and Wi-Fi connection that protects your belongings.
• Best thrt protection - automatically you risk your mobile device to download all the apps and app updates scans.
• Norton Community Watch - new thrts faster, identify safe files, and stronger, more effective protection by millions of Norton users to collect information voluntarily.
• Scrm Loor - a "scrm" that determines your missing phone that lets you send a text, you can get it fast.
Requirements: Android 2.2 Or HigherNorton Mobile Security Lite Download Below
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