Thursday, May 26, 2016

Minuum board v2.12 Apk Full

Simple TOUCHSCREEN typingMost of the existing Board of cramming a touchscreen device similar to a typewriter to take a view. This half usable screen space (or more), you hide the board gives the barrier material. Minuum dimension to a standard board on your screen by reducing the space gives back.
MINUUM how it works in practiceMinuum you the quickly and accurately without the need to type a line in order to minimize a standard re-considered by the Board. This at lst allows highly imprecise typing by a special auto-correction aorithm is enabled.
Discover moreLinr board for touchscreens Minuum an "anywhere" type is the first step towards the future. Minuum you smart watches, game controllers, and the minimum size of the devices, such as wrable devices will type. With the help of this app, you can help to enable this vision.
MINUUM board Ftures at a Glance
More screen spaceTraditional virtual board to type on the touch screen when you lose more than half of the fetch.
Fast sloppy typingPrecise, fast, without having to worry about thanks to smart auto correction type.
Large finger friendlyThe exact value of data entry, and punctuation, especially useful if you have large fingers through the zoom view of the incrsing use.
Familiar board layoutThe Minuum lst, QWERTY layout just know how to type with.
Arrangements different alphabetSuch alternative board layouts "QWERTZ," "AZERTY," as selected by "AZ."
Full functionalityScreen without losing your place (such as punctuation, space, backspace, as, and enter) to get everything you'd expect in a board.
The full size board extendsMini press with two fingers on the board and full-sized practices (useful for URLs and s) to switch between.
Control wordsMinuum lrns your words, and you have a simple pop-up display, although you can delete words from the dictionary.
Gesture shortcutsAll the ftures you via pop-up for quick, sy access to slide your finger in the corners.
Language abilityMinuum board rly beta relses are only in English, but as we expand the beta test to include different languages ​​ about motivation for us to respond.
Voice TypingGoogle Voice for text typing typing sound experience through hands-free text entry when performing other activities.
What's in this version:Pressing the board feedback when resizingButton to add languagesAutoCorrect does not delete old wordsDictionary pop-up a touch of artificial removal bug fixSpacebar to improve reliability
Requirements: Android 4.0 Or HigherMinuum board v2.12 Download BelowDownload Links

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