Thursday, May 26, 2016

Link2SD Plus v3.4.8 Apk For Android

In addition, SD (APP2SD) download app in Android 2.2 and higher Latest offers functions. With the ability to batch move, which is not protected SD (moving force) card, any user can transfer appliions.Android, SD-card installation fture and quality of this fture does not require a second partition.
With a tap cache clner function clrs all cache and free space. Widget without opening the appliion total cache size, cache clner displays, "a tap cln cache" allows.
Ftures:- App Manager- Crte and APK, DEX and Lib files for connecting appliions.- Plus version also has links to data files private appliions- Automatic connection (optional) newly installed appliions- (A "power move" also known as Free download for Android 2.2 and higher) appliion, the SD does not allow change to move the SD user appliions- Native Apps2SD support requests with the show move to SD- Loion of the default apps, auto, internal or external fixed install- Relationship between functions, install, reinstall, "move to SD" non-aligned, "move to phone"- Mobile to notify appliions when installed- Uninstall system appliions (bloatware removal)- Freezing and un-freezing appliions and users- User appliions, system appliions- User appliion system appliions- System Appliions Systems (ROM) integrated "renewal"- To the exclusion list "cln app cache"- Empty the cache Widget (1 tap cache clner without root)- If the total cache size is larger than the specified size will notify- Robots, Quick Reboot (warm), reboot recovery, reboot bootloader mode / download add bootloader Turn- Then boot to boot with one click widget- List appliions, show detailed size information and link status- Sorting and filtering options for appliions in a wide variety of- Srch appliions by name.- Internal storage, SD card and SD card second partition information available exhibition space- Share a link request- Support for 40 languages
Plus ftures:- SD Card Directories internal data link appliions- System apps linked to sd card files DEX- Auto Clr service cache- Link2SD removes ads
Appliions you need:- Root permission.- A second partition on your SD card.
A second partition is FAT file system for personal data files in your appliion (ext2, ext3, ext4 or f2fs) is required to use. FAT file system (FAT16, FAT32 or exFAT) Unix file permissions and ownership or private appliion files will not support a security error.Plus if you have a FAT partition Link2SD appliion can transfer personal data files
Link2SD Plus v3.4.8 download BelowDownload LinksLink 1 I Link 2

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