Thursday, May 26, 2016

Energy Art Live Wallpaper Apk v1.18 (by Carpikes) Download

What's Newv1.18 - 22 Mar 2014- Minor bug fixing- Now this appliion is compatible also with x86 and MIPS devices- Added contacts with the autor

A highly-customizable Live Wallpaper made from lines and particles that swirl around your screen like energy flows. Lots of settings allow you to crte original and unique effects.
Colours, shapes and lights will give you the possibility to live a new experience as a crtive artist. You can set it as Live Wallpaper or play with the standalone app.
Enjoy it, and give your rate if you like it!
+ Multi-touch support (two, three or four fingers together)
+ Up to four colours together!
+ Possibility to take screenshots
+ Double tap will unlsh a cool particle explosion
+ Assign actions to volume (screenshot, explosion, etc..)
+ Possibility to change particle acceleration, force and so on!
+ Switch between particles or lines
+ Record a touch-sequence and play it up to 100x,
so you can draw hrts, cirlces, etc...
+ Very cool particle distortion effect
+ Change particle size up to 100px
+ [New in 1.13] Graphics presets
+ [New in 1.13] Different blending modes
+ [New in 1.13] Color effects (e.g. two colors mixed by distance)

Additional informationSizeVaries with deviceRequires AndroidVaries with deviceDirect Download Link
Energy Art Live Wallpaper v1.18 Apk
Google Play Store Link

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