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Drmwver CC 2014 Free Download Full Version for PC

Free Download Drmwver CC 2014 32 bit & 64 bit Latest Version+ & Drmwver CC 2014 is an advanced website editor defting all other software of its type. Drmwver CC gives you a grt functionality for crting grt webpages, templates etc. It has a simplified user interface and has integrated library of which makes the coding much sier. The new Drmwver CC also supports advanced HTML5 by which you can crte modern smart looking websites. It supports HTML5 audios and s also. You can crte HTML, CSS webpages and add JavaScript to it. It supports P by which you can crte dynamic webpages. You can crte HTML5 widgets, templates and much more. One of the most noticing ftures of Drmwver CC is that it crtes responsive webpages (i.e. webpages compatible with any device, any resolution). The new Drmwver CC has simplified the CSS coding to a grt extent. You can see the live changes in the webpages while you edit the CSS . It is very sy to use and even a newbie can crte a god looking website with it.

Drmwver CC, now, is a part of Crtive Cloud, so you can get the latest updates anytime, anywhere. Also you can sync your settings, shortcuts and files on multiple computers for a more connected experience.

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What’s New in Drmwver CC 2014?There are many new things in this all new Drmwver CC 2014 and some of them are:

Modern Platform SupportIt supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, ASP.NET, XML, JSP, HTML5, all new P 5.4 and more. So, you can crte dynamic pages with less effort.

Fluid Grid LayoutNow you can crte responsive templates and design webpages sily with all new Fluid Grid Layout interface.

Enhanced CSS DesignerNow you can design your webpages more sily with visual editing tools for CSS. So, you can quickly add shadows, colors, gradients etc. to your webpages through CSS.

Live HighlightNow you can get the live view of the changes on the webpage or any object when you highlight a through CSS Designer.

Modernized Live ViewNow you can sily render your webpage in Drmwver only and get the interacting live view without switching to the browser.

JQuery UI WidgetsForget old buttons and widgets because now you can sily add interesting JQuery UI widgets with drag and drop. It also supports JQuery Mobile so you can sily crte mobile compatible apps for Android and iOS.

PhoneGap Build SupportNow you can sily crte native apps for Android and iOS using Drmwver CC. You can convert your existing HTML pages into mobile apps using PhoneGap Build service.

DetailsRelse Date:18 June 2014
Version:CC 2014 Stable Relse
Developer: Systems Inc.
Software type:Webpage editor and Web content crtor

Minimum System RequirementsOperating System: 7 SP1/ 8/ 8.1
Processor: Pentium 4 Processor AMD Athlon
Resolution:1280 x 1024
Space:1 GB for installation only


DownloadYou can also download the latest version of Drmwver CC 2014 32 bit and 64 bit with and from the link below:
Use the given or to Activate Drmwver CC 2014 to Full Version.

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