Thursday, May 26, 2016

Download- Root Uninstaller Pro v6.2 Android Apk

NEW: Hide app mode: close the app re-freeze a frozen app will automatically start up and (Pro only)
Root NAND unlocked devices:Install system appliionsOr freeze the bloatware, stock and regular sound (up to date) disabledActivate the defrost or sound (Free trial or PRO)Appliion to SDCARD backup system. APK (that can reinstall later)Restore backed up appliionsAppliions to fresh install state resetDelete as system appliionsHide my app: app re-freeze a frozen app closes automatically start and (Pro only freeze button> Launch- )
Non-root devices:Quick APK list all available on the SDCARD. APK files to showKeep Market reference and factory reset / change devices can be restored after(Manual) data, manage to clr the cacheFiles. APK management: delete, install, (Pro), install as a system appSingle recorded sound (Batch uninstall), click to install.Rapid load appliion listDisplay appliion name, icon, package nameExclude system appliions (you can not install)Support large screen (ex. Tablet) views
What's in this version:KitKat problem fixedUpdated language packsFixed minor bugs

Requirements: Android 2.0.1 Or HigherRoot Uninstaller Pro v6.2 download Below
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