Thursday, May 26, 2016

Download- Home8+ like 8 Launcher v3.1.1 Apk Paid

What's in this version:- Fixed defect App list-Backgrould from SD card-Minor defect fixes
Ftures:With many configuration options, etc. Gmail, News, Wther, Twitter, calendar, straight tileDrag and drop tile groups / order to change the position of the tile again.Menu >> change icon size using the icon / icon size tileNews Country News >> Prefs >> menu and menu stock market stock market preference for >> Prefs >> Select the countryPower Control widget to turn on / off Wi-Fi, Airplan mode, Bluetooth, ring mode, screen brightness, etc.Click on the icon / tile if you first click (dialer appliion, messsage, Google, etc. The most common appliions are connected to), the app (launch) the no appliion will bring a list of all the installed appliions will be opened and you desire to tile any app you can relate.Icon / long click on the tile color tiles connected, the icon, the appliion to change. 3 Options \ N * Associate app available -. Keeping the same icon on the home screen of the app to change the starting \ n * Change the color - change the background color of the tile \ n * Change app -. Start the app icon will be changed and the app on the home screen with default icon replaced.You need to be customized to suit the extra icons / tiles style. Add / remove tiles from the tile menu >>Wther Service: Based on your current loion, local wther details are available.Stock Market Updates menu >> Miscellaneous >> Stock Market Using Select your preferred stocks
Requirements: Android 2.2 Or HigherHome8+ like 8 Launcher v3.1.1 Download BelowDownload Links

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