Thursday, May 26, 2016

Digital Flux Live Wallpaper Apk v1.2.1 App Android

In this live wallpaper full version, you can• Tile select any two colors. To fine tune the color picker to select a color edit.• Magnetic his finger as if to push or to pull Tile Touch!
Your phone / tablet with your download or synchronize with no problem, just email me and I'll fix it or refund you. Your purchase supports live wallpapers for me thanks! - Darren
What in this version:- Remove Color library and simple color picker to choose a better color. Wallpaper does not scroll automatically added to Launcher "Pseudo-scrolling" option. Added high resolution icons. Added a native x86 support.-v1.2.1: 4/5 set color picker accident

Requirements: Android 2.1 Or HigherDigital Flux Live Wallpaper v1.2.1 Download BelowPlay StoreDownload LinksLink 1 I Link 2 I Link 3 I Link 4

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