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CC 2014 for Mac OS X Free Download Full Version

CC 2014 Free Download Full Version For Mac OS X With Direct Download Links and Latest and
CC is a lding photo editing software program with many advanced tools for powerful editing. It is a very useful program for web editors, photo editors, graphics designers and even for newbies.

Systems has relsed the latest CC 2014 with new architecture and many new ftures, on 18 June 2014. It has been made more powerful with new Mercury Graphics Engine and 64-bit support. Lots of twks have been added to the program for smooth performance. It layout has been improved for faster navigation and better workflow.

CC is not just an editing program; it’s much more than that. With you can crte high resolution 3D graphics and animations. You can also crte web graphics and export it with CSS and HTML . With CC you can restore old, torn or deformed photographs to their original look or even better than that. CC 2014 supports s of much higher resolution and size; you can import a PNG file as large as 2 GB! Not only this, also allows you to convert a low resolution to a higher one without compromising with its quality, sharpness and clarity. So, you can do massive graphics editing with many more professional tools of CC 2014.

Here are some of the eye ching ftures of CC:

Camera Shake Reduction: Now you can sily restore photos that were blurred due to shake of your camera.Perspective Warp: It allows you to change the perspective or view-point of an object in an without harming the surrounding ar.3D Print: Now with CC 2014 you can sily 3D print your graphics or objects. Resolution Upgrade: It allows you to convert low resolution to higher resolution without harming their quality.Smart Crtion: sily crte s out of a series of s and export them to Premiere Pro CC 2014 for advanced editing.HiDPI and Retina Display Support: All new support for HiDPI and Retina Display as in Macbook Pro gives you a detailed view with Ultimate sharpness and clarity.Support for Latest Mac OS X: Now CC supports latest Mavericks Mac OS X with 64-bit architecture.Performance Boost: New CC comes with superior Mercury Graphics Engine for a boost in performance.
The following Products are also integrated with CC 2014:

LightroomCamera RAW 8.5 (Included in the download) Bridge CCBehance
What’s New in CC 2014?The latest CC 2014 is a big time saver. It comes with faster performance and following new ftures.

Enhanced Smart GuidesSmart Guides have become more handy, so that you can sily keep a track of spacing and msurements between layer objects. Just press Option + Drag a Layer and see the reference msurement guides showing the distance between the layers.

Integrated Typekit FontsNow you can sily srch and sync different fonts for your documents. Just see the live preview of the web based font on your document and sync the appropriate one. It will be saved to your Mac, so that you can use it when you are offline and even with other appliions.

Motion Blur EffectsTwo new blur effects have been added to the Blur Gallery – Path Blur and Spin Blur. With Path Blur, just crte a straight or curved path along which you want to show an object in motion and will do the rest. You can also incrse or decrse the amount of blurring for your desired effect. You can use the Spin Blur to show a spinning motion in an object, such as a wheel of a car. You can change the angle and amount of blur according to your desired speed.

Focused Ar SelectionNow you can sily select the focused ar of an with this new fture of CC 2014. You can save the focused object as a different layer or individual . It works best when the background of the is blurred.

Content Aware ToolsUse Content Aware – Fill, , Move or Extend to fill the blank spaces in your according to the background.

DetailsRelse Date:18 June 2014Version:CC 2014 Stable RelseDeveloper: SystemsSoftware type: Editor
Minimum System RequirementsOperating System:Mac OS X v10.7, v10.8 or v10.9Processor: Multicore Processor with 64-bit supportRAM:2 GB (8 GB Recommended)HDD Space:3.2 GB
Display Resolution:1024x768

DownloadFree Download Full Version of CC 2014+ Camera Raw 8.5 with Latest and for Mac OS X from the link below:

Use the given / to Activate CC 2014 to Full Version.

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