Thursday, May 26, 2016

Babylonian Twins Platformer Premium Paid v1.7.8 Apk

To restore pce in the city of Babylon in their quest to take control of the two princes. Ancient Iraq exploration and mind-twisting puzzles in the days and weeks Enjoy
Ftures:-The unique co-operative tag-tm control two characters to solve puzzles guide-Worldwide including more than a dozen large surface-Tower of Babel-Assyria Loion-Procession Street-Hanging Gardens of Babylon)-Super crisp HD graphics-Original Iraqi music to an album-Scrolling is super smooth 60fps-Hidden trsures and bonus levels
This version has:- Now NVIDIA Shield, Moga and supports most game controllers-Less need to allow-Better support Moga controller

Requirements: Android 2.3 Or HigherBabylonian Twins Platformer Premium v1.7.8 Download Below
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