Thursday, May 26, 2016

APUS Launcher Apk 1.4.0 For Android

APUS Launcher Apk - Apus Group recently its own app, Android APUS to relse an update for the launcher. The launcher and its performance was good and now comes with some improvements in the new format. Now you can download fromplay store APUS Launcher 1.4.0.
APUS launcher, Android offers a good experience different look. Nook launcher your standard Android, the look and feel of the tab. The developer claims and resources to little effect as well as runs fast. Around this app more than 2MB of data memory and a RAM launcher food is not worth it completely. If there is a brk, a correction to free RAM built into the launcher and you still can use live wallpapers.
Many things rlly launcher and performance management to provide a boost provides sy access. Very different from the complex launcher. Its simple and sy launcher with a grt interface and amazing experience to use.
Requirements: Android 4.0.3 Or HigherAPUS Launcher 1.4.0 Android Apk Free Download BelowDownload Links

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